Friday, November 4, 2016

The Happiest of Lists

A while back, Food52 posted an awesome article about creating a list on a regular basis of the things that make us happy. But this list isn’t the things of grandeur, like immense wealth, a Ferrari, or the like; instead it’s a reminder that the little things in life matter, and can actually bring us more joy than anything else.  A quiet moment to sip a particularly well-brewed cup of coffee while the sun rises, a smile from a stranger on a bad day, or a new way of thinking about an old problem that changes the game plan in the best way possible, born of a random epiphany while walking your dog, these singular spotlights of life’s gems to us (the few and occasional that it throws our way) are worth remembering and writing down, so that we can appreciate them more, and remember that maybe it will all be okay, and if shared, that we’re really not alone in this.

I started making my happy lists every Friday morning, a ritual of just a couple of minutes to reflect on the week and figure out exactly what made it all worth it. I post them regularly on my instagram, and will start posting them here as well. I challenge you to try it for a month – just four Fridays, or Wednesdays, or whatever you choose- and see if you don’t wind up finding that there really are some hidden treasures in the everyday. You just have to remember to celebrate them accordingly.

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