Lessons, Wisdoms, and a List

Given that I’ve experienced a lot of milestones/firsts lately, I’ve found that I’ve learned a lot of small wisdoms, tips, tricks, and random tidbits that may or may not be worth sharing. But, at the very least, listing them will help me remember them, and someday, might help you, too.

The never-exhausted list of life lessons, wisdoms, and tidbits from one twenty-something to anyone and everyone else (in no specific order):

There is something to be said about packing a handbag/tote bag with supplies for every imaginable situation, back and shoulder pain notwithstanding.

Always carry cash. Especially a contingency $20.00.

When driving long distances, as in interstate distances, choose your podcasts wisely (Nigella Lawson’s voice is far too soothing for highway driving through the middle of nowhere. Just saying.)

Save your records, receipts, and random scraps of paper with names and numbers in some kind of order. You’ll need that scrap of paper, I promise.

Forget the House; Murphy’s Law always wins.

The heart knows what's best, the gut confirms your instinct, and the mind is left to do the dirty work of making that happen.

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