About the 'Stache!

Welcome! If you stumbled upon my corner of the Internet world, I welcome you to chaos, confusion, construction, creations, and a chronicling of some of the biggest changes of my life. Let me explain…..

September is a month for transition, turn-over, and transformation, true? (I'm a little obsessed with alliteration - I'll try to keep it to a minimum….no promises.). This September, I'll be starting graduate school in Texas. And to help out with that…. I bought a house. And a car. And packed up my mother (best friend, support system, role model, and partner in crime) and our two Shih Tzus and hit the road! Needless to say, there’s just a little going on for us, but we’re brave broads (ooh, again, sorry), or possibly just delusional ones.

So here, you’ll find….
The great renovation of my house! With the intent to flip it upon graduation, we’re looking to update and beautify her (on a very carefully-watched budget), and will be sharing our progress, hacks, ideas, and projects
The occasional trial and tribulation of life as a graduate student and life in a small, almost-no-name town in Texas
Recipes, DIYS, and lots of other random goodies and gems along the way

It'll be interesting, if nothing else! Stay tuned, feel free to reach out or follow me on Instagram, and enjoy!

Ciao for now,

Jesse (yes, that is the male spelling)

A brief blurb about the blog name:
In September 2015, I began my own chocolate company called, Sugar’Stache, with the intent to donate a large portion of the proceeds to a local animal shelter in Las Vegas (where we’re heading to Texas from, where we wound up living from being born and bred in New York) and help raise awareness for animal rights. We were able to successfully donate over $3,000.00 to the Animal Foundation, in addition to food, homemade blankets, toys, and other tangible goods on their wish list. Until we are established in Texas, Sugar’Stache is on a brief hiatus; however, we continue to donate and support The Animal Foundation in Vegas, and will look for another local organization in Texas to work with when we re-open for our time there. 

The name of the company itself comes from a silly place, really: My love of sweet chocolate and quirky fascination with mustaches, matched with a play on words and the unwritten rule that we all have a stash of goodies for that three PM slump somewhere…

But hey, eat more chocolate, save more animals..sweet deal, right? 

(You can read our company mission here for more information on Sugar'Stache Confections)

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